So much inspiration comes from living near the coast and collecting driftwood, seashells and beachcombing is a favourite hobby for me. This seashell mobile is made purely from recycled seahells and driftwood washed up with the tide on the seashore of Springvale beach, Isle of Wight. A mixture of Common Limpet, Slipper Limpets, Oysters and Whelk shells are each drilled individually and thredded with cotton twine onto a carefully chosen piece of driftwood found on the same beach. When hung outside on a breezy day, the sound of the shells gently tinkling togther is beautiful and brings the sound of the seashore into your garden or home. 

© 2021 Seashells and Lavender.

Springvale Seashell Mobile

  • Driftwood measures approximately 32cm width.
    String from hanging loop to bottom shell approximately 90cm length.
    For Decorative Use Only.

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